Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012


as i posted on my previos post.... about the horror part of marriage,
abis ngebahas itu sama pacar...berujung gw jadi emosi tingkat kecamatan dan ngomong hal-hal yang sepatutnya gak diomongin... yah namanya juga lagi e-m-o-s-i.

But, i bet you all know that God works in mysterious way, right?

malemnya...dengan hati yang sudah agak adem dan tidak emosi lagi, dakupun keruang TV, ngidupin TV pas banget di starworld yang lagi muter HIMYM...
the "Robin cant get pregnant" episode. its supposed to be a happy fact for her, since she doesn't like commitment, never had a plan about marriage and also doesn't like kiddos and planning to not have any.
but when the doctor said so, that she cant get pregnant...she just cried and felt down. #mewek

kelar HIMYM beralih ke E! yang lagi ngereplay season 3 reality shownya Giuliana and Bill.
we all know that Giuliana has breast cancer but what i dont know is..before the doc found out the cancer in her body, she tried soooooo hard to get preggie...she did IVF, got shot 3times/day and in that episode we can see how painful when Bill has to shot his wife. after all the painful part, guiliana did it! she got preggie! everything seems to be a happy joy joy for everybody! but 9 weeks said she had miscarriage... *MEWEK* and weeks after that, the doc found cancer in her body.

ceritanya gw berasa ditampar gitu deh.

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